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Project Description
ReleaseMe is a simple little tool I use to copy websites, and custom Window Services,
from my development machine to a specified production machine.
(It acts like a .BAT file with UI interface.)

How it works ...

ReleaseMe exposes a couple of custom Attributes that "Action" classes can use. By
tagging a class with these attributes, ReleaseMe is able to use reflection to load,
set settings, and execute different methods on the class.

After all the various "Actions" have been coded ... several are already provided ...
ReleaseMe will allow a user to create ReleaseMe "Program". The "Program" is simply an
XML script that tells ReleaseMe what objects to execute, in what order, and with what settings.

When ReleaseMe starts, all of the discovered "Actions" will be displayed on the left. You
can add an Action to the Program on the right by double clicking the Action or by selecting
the Action and clicking the Add button. Once an Action has been added to the Program, you
can edit the setting by double clicking the Action from the Program list on the right. After
you are done adding Actions and initializing their settings, save your Program (File->Save) and
click the Run button to see the Program run.

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